Author's Bio

Bruce N. Canfield

Internationally recognized Historian of post-Civil War U.S. military weapons

Long-time collector of U.S. military weapons

Author of thirteen books on U.S. military weaponry:

  1. A Collector's Guide to the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine (out of print)
  2. A Collector's Guide to the '03 Springfield (out of print)
  3. A Collector's Guide to U.S. Combat Shotguns (out of print)
  4. A Collector's Guide to Winchester in the Service (out of print)
  5. U.S. Military Bolt-Action Rifles (currently out of print)
  6. An Illustrated Guide to the '03 Springfield Service Rifle
  7. Complete Guide to the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine
  8. U.S. Infantry Weapons of the First World War
  9. U.S. Infantry Weapons of World War II
  10. Johnson Rifles and Machine Guns
  11. Complete Guide to United States Military Combat Shotguns
  12. The M1 Garand Rifle
  13. U.S. Small Arms of World War II


Field Editor for American Rifleman and Contributor Editor for Man at Arms, two of the most respected arms magazines in the world.

Member of Man at Arms "Panel of Experts" and contributor to American Rifleman's "Dope Bag"/Q&A column.

Approximately 200 articles published in several national and international publications including American Rifleman, Man at Arms, The Gun Report, Military Surplus, The Garand Collector’s Association Journal and the German Waffen Digest and Deutsches Waffen Journal.

Contributor to numerous books by other authors.

Designated "weapons expert" on the former History Channel program "Cajun Pawn Stars".

Numerous appearances on the NRA’s American Rifleman Television.

Consultant and on-air presentations for the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Network's highly acclaimed program; Story of the Gun, the History Channel's Tales of the Gun, TNN's Great Guns and The American Shooter.

Lectures on U.S. Military Weapons and History at numerous venues across the country including NRA Conventions, Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Fort Constitution Arms Collectors Association, Cabela’s and other arms collecting organizations.

Former member of the Garand Collectors Association Board of Directors.